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A Letter to Eileen

A Letter to Eileen

Isobel MacTavish
Rosehaven Cottage,
Highlands, Scotland.

20th June, 1907

My Dearest Eileen,

As the sun sets over the loch and the last rays kiss the heather-covered hills, I find myself overwhelmed with an excitement I can hardly contain, and thus I write to you, hoping to share the fervour of my newest revelation. Oh, Eileen, it feels as if the muses themselves have visited me with a tale so captivating that I am restless to put quill to parchment!

Picture this: A rugged landscape, where the relentless North Sea crashes against towering cliffs, and in its midst stands a grand castle, Dunhaven Keep, shadowed with secrets and tales of old. Our heroine, Ailis, is a spirited young lass with raven-black hair and eyes that reflect the stormy skies. Possessing the gift of foresight, she is both revered and feared by her clan. She dreams of a lion-hearted warrior, Callum, with fiery locks (much like my own!), who is to arrive from a distant land, bearing news of an imminent threat.

Callum, unbeknownst to Ailis, is a prince in exile. Driven from his homeland due to a treacherous betrayal, he seeks refuge in the Scottish Highlands, only to find himself ensnared in a web of politics, passion, and destiny. As their paths entwine, Ailis and Callum are drawn together by a force as wild and untamed as the land itself. Yet, with love blossoming between them, they also find themselves at the centre of a power struggle that could tear them apart.

The novel will traverse the breadth of the Scottish landscape, from the eerie moors haunted by spirits of the past to the bustling markets of Inverness, painting a vivid tapestry of a time when honor was worth more than life and love was the greatest prize of all.

Dearest Eileen, the tale is still nascent, like a bud waiting for the spring sun, but every fibre of my being tells me that this could be my magnum opus, a story that transcends time. The characters speak to me, their joys, sorrows, and desires becoming my own.

I long to hear your thoughts. Will you indulge me with a visit soon? The kettle is always on, and Fergus and Moira would be ecstatic to see their favorite playmate.

Sending you all my love and anticipation,


P.S. I’ve enclosed a sprig of heather from our last walk. May it bring joy and inspiration to your days as it does to mine.

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