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Embrace in Silken Threads

Embrace in Silken Threads

Upon the twilight’s gentle close, two hearts entwine,
In silken sheets, their sanctuary from the world’s fray.
The fabric whispers soft as love’s own sweet sign,
In every thread, a tale of passion does sway.

Her head upon his chest, a rest so divine,
His arms, her fortress, in the night’s cool array.
Their breaths, a rhythm, in harmonious line,
A dance of souls, in silent sonnets they lay.

The silk, a river, ‘neath the moon’s soft shine,
Caresses skin, where fears and doubts decay.
In this embrace, their worries all resign,
For in each other’s hold, they find their way.

Love’s tender might, in gentle folds, combine,
A testament to love’s enduring play.

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