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Eternal Echoes

Eternal Echoes

Centuries before the night of the masquerade, when the manor still thrived with life and laughter, a beautiful maiden named Lysandra lived within its walls. Lysandra, with hair as dark as raven’s wings and eyes that shimmered like the twilight, was the pride of the manor. Her beauty was matched only by her kind heart and her love for the arts.

One fateful evening, a grand ball was held in the manor. Among the guests was a young noble named Alaric, visiting from a distant land. With a piercing gaze and an air of mystery, he caught the attention of many, but it was Lysandra who captivated his soul. Their meeting was electric, two souls intertwining in a dance of destiny.

As the months passed, their love blossomed. They’d meet under the silvery gaze of the moon, in the manor’s secret gardens. Lysandra introduced Alaric to the world of poetry and art, while he regaled her with tales of his travels and the world beyond the manor walls.

But love, especially one as deep as theirs, often attracts the envy of others. A jealous suitor, Lord Malachi, desired Lysandra for himself. Unable to bear the sight of Lysandra in Alaric’s arms, he concocted a sinister plan.

Using dark sorcery, Lord Malachi cursed Alaric, turning him into a shadow, a mere echo of his former self, bound to the manor and invisible to all. Lysandra, devastated by Alaric’s sudden disappearance and unaware of the curse, searched for him relentlessly.

Years turned into decades, and Lysandra’s once vibrant spirit waned. She’d often wander into the pristine wing of the manor, hoping to feel Alaric’s presence. There, in the hidden drawer, she placed Alaric’s signet ring, a symbol of their undying love.

One moonlit night, as Lysandra sat in the gardens they once roamed together, her heart gave out from the weight of her grief. With her last breath, she whispered Alaric’s name, hoping her love would reach him in the void.

From that day, the manor began to decay, mirroring the tragedy that had befallen its inhabitants. But Alaric, bound by the curse, remained, forever yearning for his lost love.

When he met Seraphina that night at the masquerade, he saw a spark of Lysandra in her. In a fleeting moment of time, he found solace, sharing the tale of his tragic love, hoping that in Seraphina’s heart, Lysandra’s memory and their love would live on, breaking the chains of his eternal solitude.

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