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Eternal Longing: An Ode to Love Across the Miles

Eternal Longing: An Ode to Love Across the Miles

In the vast expanse that separates our hearts,
A love as deep as the ocean imparts,
Though distance stretches far and wide,
Our souls, in union, forever confide.

Oh, the ache of missing your tender embrace,
In this long-distance love, I find my solace,
The miles between, a cruel divide,
Yet love’s flame in our hearts shall never subside.

With each whispered word, with every call,
We bridge the gap, conquer it all,
Emotions surge like waves on the shore,
In this love, forever I’ll adore.

Through screens and pixels, our love takes flight,
As we navigate this endless night,
Though we’re far apart, our hearts entwine,
In the vast cosmos, your love is mine.

The pangs of longing, the tears we shed,
Only strengthen the love we embed,
In the tapestry of time, our story’s told,
A love that’s enduring, a love worth its gold.

So, dear readers of SatinLovers, in the realm of love’s sweetest embrace, where emotions run deep and distances crumble, remember that love knows no bounds. It is a force that transcends the miles, an eternal connection that defies space and time, and in the depths of a long-distance love, true passion thrives.




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