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The Allure of the Hypnotist

The Allure of the Hypnotist

In a luxurious penthouse adorned with satin drapes and plush velvet, two women sat sipping champagne. Eleanor, a blonde millionairess in a shimmering satin gown, looked at her friend Sarah, who was equally elegant but seemed lost in thought.

“You seem miles away, darling,” Eleanor said, breaking the silence.

Sarah snapped back to reality, “Oh, I was just thinking about what you said about Rodger, your hypnotist boyfriend.”

Eleanor’s eyes sparkled as she spoke, “Ah, Rodger. He’s simply divine. Every time I visit his office, it’s like stepping into another world. The moment he starts speaking, I find myself falling into a blissful trance. It’s as if waves of pleasure wash over me, and I’m floating on a cloud, my hand drifting upwards hypnotically.”

Sarah looked intrigued, “That sounds heavenly. But what’s it like when you snap out of it?”

Eleanor chuckled, “That’s the best part. I feel rejuvenated, as if I’ve had the best sleep of my life. And it’s not just me; all my friends adore him. They get this dreamy look in their eyes whenever I mention his name. My social calendar has never been busier. Everyone wants to invite me over, but only if I bring Rodger along.”

Sarah raised an eyebrow, “Really? Even your boss?”

Eleanor leaned in closer,

“Ah, my boss. She used to be quite the hardliner, you know? Always by the book. But ever since she had that long, private chat with Rodger, she’s been so much more accommodating. It’s as if she’s a changed woman.”

Sarah looked at Eleanor with a dreamy expression, “I must admit, I’ve been thinking about Rodger ever since you introduced us. He has a certain… allure.”

Eleanor grinned, “Oh, you’re smitten too, aren’t you? Well, who can blame you? He has this incredible gift, and he uses it to make people feel wonderful. What’s not to love?”

As they clinked their champagne glasses, both women felt grateful for the mysterious, hypnotic man who had brought so much joy and intrigue into their lives.

“Cheers to Rodger,” Sarah said, her eyes twinkling.

“Cheers to love, in all its mysterious forms,” Eleanor replied.

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