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The Ginger-Haired Woman

The Ginger-Haired Woman

In the cozy confines of this coffee shop, A ginger-haired woman, with wistful eyes, Awaits her lover, with eager hop, Her heart ablaze, with love’s sweet ties.

The day’s long hours, now come to an end, She yearns for his embrace, his tender touch. Her thoughts of him, her love’s truest friend, Whose presence fills her world with so much.

Through the window, the fading light of day, Casts a golden glow upon her gentle face. Her ginger hair, like sun’s warm, radiant ray, A beacon of hope, in life’s daily race.

Oh, Wordsworth, if you were here today, You’d sing her praises, with your poet’s soul. Of her beauty, her charm, her loving sway, As she awaits, her heart makes her whole.

In this coffee shop, a world apart, Their love blooms, amidst the bustling throng. A love story, with a gentle start, Where two hearts beat, as one, all day long.

But love’s not without its trials and test, And shadows may fall, from time to time. Yet, through it all, their love remains steadfast, Bound by a bond, both sacred and sublime.

So let us raise a glass to the ginger-haired maid, Whose love inspires, with its gentle might. May she and her lover forever be swayed, In a love that shines, like a star so bright.

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