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The Lady of the Jade Green Dirndl

The Lady of the Jade Green Dirndl

The sun, a lover bold and bright,
Strikes at a slant, a golden smite,
Across a garden, blooms alight,
Where springtime’s colors take their flight.

And there she stands, a vision rare,
With raven hair, a style debonair,
A twisted bun, with floral flair,
A daisy blooms, a beauty’s share.

Her dress, a dirndl, jade so keen,
A glossy sheen, a PVC dream,
Hugs every curve, a graceful scene,
A satin blouse, a hint unseen.

The black panel, a stark contrast,
Highlights a form that time surpassed,
Her chest, a canvas, softly cast,
In sunlit rays, a beauty passed.

A necklace black, a serpent’s coil,
With golden flower, love’s sweet spoil,
A pearl below, a teardrop’s foil,
A timeless beauty, on verdant soil.

The springtime blooms, a fragrant sigh,
Whisper secrets ‘neath the sky,
As sunlight paints a loving lie,
A woman’s grace, that will not die.

Her smile, a hint, both coy and warm,
Invites the breeze, to weather a storm,
Her eyes, like pools reflect the norm,
A depth of wisdom, weathered by form.

The jade green dress, a second skin,
Encapsulates the world within,
A woman’s strength, a heart that’s kin,
To roses red and meadows green.

She stands, a queen in this domain,
Where roses bow and tulips reign,
The very essence of spring’s sweet rain,
A timeless beauty, to ease life’s pain.

The air around her hums with grace,
A silent song, a gentle pace,
The dewdrops clinging, an embrace,
Reflecting sunlight on her face.

Her laughter rings, a joyous chime,
A melody that transcends time,
A symphony for the heart’s own rhyme,
In perfect pitch with the flower’s prime.

With every breath, the garden sighs,
As if in love with those dark eyes,
A silent vow beneath the skies,
A timeless beauty, a sweet surprise.


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