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The Lost Dream Refound

The Lost Dream Refound

In a café draped in whispers and steam,
I glimpsed him through a fleeting dream.
Eyes that danced with laughter’s gleam,
A man, a vision, or so it would seem.

We spoke in soft tones that autumn morn,
Shared stories over coffee, love was born.
But fate, a fickle friend, so swiftly torn,
He left, and I, in solitude, forlorn.

Seasons cycled, winter to spring,
Memories of him, a poignant sting.
A phantom touch, an unseen wing,
His absence, a silent, aching thing.

Then on a street where lindens bloom,
Past the chapters of my heart’s tome,
I found him, a light in life’s gloom,
The dream once lost, now coming home.

Reunited under summer’s ardent sky,
Promises made, no more goodbye.
In love’s sweet script, we cannot deny,
The man of dreams, my heart’s ally.

Together we tread through time’s vast sand,
With clasped hands and future’s planned.
Love lost, found, a cycle grand,
My dream, my man, our life’s command.

This poem is but a fragment of a larger tapestry, a single thread in the intricate weave of love’s enduring saga. It speaks of the journey we all embark upon—the quest for a dream that, once lost, can be found again in the most unexpected of places. For more verses that echo the resilience of the heart and the timeless dance of destiny and desire, we welcome you to revisit the SatinLovers website. Here, each return brings new stories, fresh inspiration, and the warm embrace of dreams that await their awakening in the soul of every reader. Come back often, for our narrative is ever-unfolding, just like the endless chapters of love in the book of life.




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