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The Muse in the Summer Garden

The Muse in the Summer Garden

A poet’s heart spills onto the page, inspired by a woman of sunlight and dreams.

In a sun-drenched garden, where roses blush and lilies sway, a poet’s world changes with a single glance. A woman, radiant in her floral dress, becomes his muse. Each verse he crafts vibrates with unspoken longing, a delicate dance of admiration and a yearning to know the woman who sets his soul ablaze.

Amidst a sea of petals bright,
Your beauty shines, a radiant light.
Blonde hair like fields of summer wheat,
And eyes as blue as heaven’s sweet.

Your dress, a waltz of satin blue,
With flowers strewn as morning dew.
A vision born of summer’s grace,
Each gentle step, an artist’s trace.

The garden blooms, but pales beside,
The warmth within where dreams abide.
My heart, a captive of your gaze,
Enthralled within this golden maze.

I watch you move, a whispered sigh,
A poet’s soul yearning to fly.
To touch the stars your spirit gleans,
To paint this moment in my dreams.

If only words could bridge the space,
And win a smile upon your face,
Then every verse would sing your name,
An ode to you, my heart’s aflame.

Oh, let me sing of love untold,
A story cast in purest gold.
For you, my muse, my guiding star,
My heart calls out, wherever you are.

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