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The Pipers’ Call

The Pipers’ Call

As the misty dawn unfolds across the glen,
A solitary piper stands, his silhouette aglow.
The haunting skirl begins to ascend,
Rising and falling like the heather’s flow.

A song of love, of battles lost and won,
His notes weave tales of joy, of strife.
The piper’s call, ‘neath the rising sun,
Breathes into the heart the highland’s life.

Ailsa, with her soul entwined in verse,
Captures the essence, the love, the curse.
Of a land that’s steeped in myth and lore,
Where pipers’ calls beckon forevermore.

Through the veil of time, the melody weaves,
Through crag and moor, where the wild stag heaves.
In the heart of Alba, where legends are born,
The piper’s call, like love, is sworn.

In valleys deep, where rivers sing,
Lovers meet where the bluebells ring.
Their hands entwine, hearts take flight,
As the piper’s tune fills the night.

With every note, a memory stirs,
Of ancient clans and whispered words.
In the embrace of the mountain’s call,
Love endures, the greatest of all.

The piper’s melody, a timeless dance,
A courtship of fate, not left to chance.
Ailsa’s quill, in passion dipped,
Scribes the words, her lips have kissed.

As stars above wink and sigh,
The piper’s song, a lullaby,
For the lover’s heart, and the poet’s soul,
In the highland’s embrace, they are whole.

Thus ends the verse, the piper’s refrain,
A testament to love’s sweet pain.
In the land of mist, of dreamer’s thrall,
Forever echoes the piper’s call.

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